First edible Plants grown in Mars-like soil (1)

Scientists grow first edible plants in Mars-like soil, getting us one step closer to life development on Mars.

These are the first edible plants in Mars-like soil

Three months ago, scientists from  Wageningen University, grew with success ten different crops in Mars-like soil, provided by NASA.

Now they determined that at least four of the plants, do not contain dangerous heavy metal levels and are edible.

Wieger Wamelink, a senior ecologist at Wageningen University & Research talks about growing food for future Mars settlers at Mars One’s VIP event in Amsterdam (NL).

The experiment will be carried out according to a procedure developed in 2015, with some improvements. It will use experimental trays, with one crop per tray, containing respectively peas, tomatoes and radishes and two other crops. The experiment will be replicated five times and the soils (Mars and lunar simulants and terrestrial control) will be enriched with organic material in order to improve the structure and nutrient supply. For Mars the nutrient will consist of the parts of the plants that would not be eaten and human faeces. Fruits and edible parts will be harvested and analysed for heavy metals at the Wageningen UR institute Rikilt.

source wageningenur