Bizarre Creatures of Texas


Texas has wide range of habitats including deserts, plains and forests.  So what bizarre creatures will the Brave Wilderness team encounter this time?  video…

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Giraffe take down lion


Watch in this impressive video, how a giraffe nearly kicked that lion’s head off…

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Earth’s History plays out on a Football Field


We use the yard lines to map out Earth‘s past and humanity’s tiny moment in it.

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The amazing transition from Caterpillar to Butterfly


The transition from caterpillar to butterfly is a process that consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.  Watch the video…

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Peculiar Alien Creature


This peculiar alien creature is the nudibranch species melibe viridis.  Take a look at the video…

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Watch this amazing Lizard escaping a minefield of Snakes


Incredible video of a lizard escaping a minefield of snakes

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This bird set record by flying 10 months non-stop – video

 Swifts set record by flying 10 months non-stop

Swifts, little birds, set record by flying 10 months non-stop.

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White Shark smashes into Diver’s Cage


Great white shark smashes open diver’s cage and the diver was still inside…

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Whale breach nearly misses swimmer – video

Whale breach nearly misses swimmer - video
Beau Pilgrim had the experience of a lifetime when a male Humpback Whale breached landing meters away while swimming and photographing…

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Baby Whale nudges her distressed mother to freedom


A humpback whale calf desperately nudging its mother in an apparent attempt to free her from a sandbank off North Stradbroke Island, Queensland.

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