Natural phenomena

Google’s 3-decade timelapse of the Earth


Google unveils an impressive 3-decade timelapse of the Earth

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Where to put the next billion people

The next billion people

The world’s population is set to increase by one billion by 2030. Take a look at this video where on Earth they are all going to live…

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This is the most dangerous time for our Planet – Stephen Hawking


Professor Stephen Hawking says this period of time is the most dangerous for our planet.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Clouds in Antarctica

Glow-in-the-Dark Clouds in Antarctica

Spectacular glow-in-the-dark Noctilucent clouds, 50 to 85 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, in frozen Antarctica.

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Astonishing South Atlantic Sunset


An astronaut aboard the International Space Station, photographed a sunset that looks like a vast sheet of flame.

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Accelerated Ice Shelf breaking up in West Antarctica


Accelerated ice shelf breaking up and retreat at Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica.

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Gigantic Crashing Waves Filmed


In the video a selection of gigantic crashing waves, as typhoon Megi slammed into Taiwan.  The biggest ever caught on camera?…

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Flying over Iceland II

Flying over Iceland II
Take a look how stunning Iceland looks in this video made by a drone…

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Huge Sinkhole swallows a large street in Japan

A huge sinkhole has opened in the center of a Japanese city, prompting concern for commercial buildings.   Watch the video…

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Giant Snowballs appear on Siberian Beach


Giant naturally formed snowballs appear on a beach in Nyda, Siberia.

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