Invisibility Cloak for Military use

Researchers created a new invisibility cloak, which will make objects more difficult to detect.

Image DoD photo Illustration

The new kind of camouflage technology, developed at UC San Diego, features two main breakthroughs, the ultra-thin material and the use of the ceramics rather than metallic particles.

UCSD professor Boubacar Kante said his new material can work at 1/10 of the wavelength, hiding from that same 3 cm wavelength.

“Basically, we are ready to make them right now. There’s no fundamental roadblocks. It would be easy to manufacture.”

New thin Invisibility Cloak

The reflection pattern from an uncloaked object on a flat surface (top) compared to the reflection pattern of the same object covered with the cloaking device (bottom), which effectively mimics the reflection from a completely flat surface.   Credit: Li-Yi Hsu/UC San Diego.

What are the military benefits? Unmanned Areal Vehicles and other planes, ships and anything else interested in dodging radar could have a use for it. And it could also be used as high-end camouflage for any background colors.

via Washington Post

source Army Times, UCSD