Sails could cut the Shipping Emissions by up to a Third

Sails assisted by satellite navigation could cut the shipping industry’s emissions by up to a third.

The global maritime industry must undergo significant carbon reductions within the next decade to align with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Above image: Wingsails, analogous to airplane wings, provide lift on either side.   Smart Green Shipping, CC BY-ND

Wind propulsion emerges as a viable solution, wherein sails harness renewable energy to cut back emissions from a ship’s engine.

This combination exhibits promising synergies when seamlessly integrated with voyage optimization.

A new study simulates wind propulsion across worldwide shipping routes to elucidate how voyage optimization enhances carbon savings, exceeding 30% on optimal courses as vessels exploit a crucial reliance on wind speed and angle.

Lowering shipping speeds further augment these savings, culminating in a collective reduction of up to 60%. This underscores the potential for substantial carbon dioxide cuts achievable through existing technologies.

These findings not only prompt the industry to urgently broaden its narrow emphasis on alternative fuels but also guide on mitigating shipping’s committed emissions, steering the sector towards achieving the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

source The Conversation