Audi Lunar Quattro ready to head for the Moon


Following extensive tests the “Audi lunar quattro” rover, that weighs eight kilograms, is ready to tackle one of the most difficult terrains of all in exploring the Moon.

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Moonset at Whitby Abbey

Moonset at Whitby Abbey

October’s Hunters Moon shines near the horizon, setting beyond the arches of Whitby Abbey in this eerie night scene.

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Rise of Earth and Venus viewed from the Moon

Rise of Earth and Venus viewed from the Moon

Rise of Earth and Venus in a video created by JAXA Kaguya spacecraft, orbiting the Moon

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How Much would it Cost to Live on the Moon?


Living on the moon would be very, very expensive.  But how much?  If you are interested, have a look at the video…

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Possible water plumes on icy moon Europa

Possible water plumes on icy moon Europa

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope took direct ultraviolet images of the icy moon Europa transiting across the disk of Jupiter.  Watch the video…

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Moon on the loose thanks to a typhoon


A giant inflatable Moon roll over the streets, thanks to a typhoon, in Fuzhou.  Watch the video…

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Moon and Jupiter

Moon and Jupiter

A stunning image of bright Jupiter next to the slender, waning crescent Moon, as it slid through the night.   Credit Cristian Fattinnanzi

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The brilliant Alignment Optical Telescope on Apollo

The brilliant Alignment Optical Telescope on Apollo (1)

The Alignment Optical Telescope used to guide the Lunar Module, on the Apollo missions to the Moon.   This is how…

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Lunette (1)

Lunette. A fantasy based short, featuring the journey of a wolf, who travels with the moon

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Contemplating our spectacular Sun

Contemplating our spectacular Sun

Sun partially eclipsed on the top left by the Moon is also seen eclipsed by earthlings contemplating the eclipse below.   Image credit Steven Gilbert

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