Mini Concorde is backed by Richard Branson

XB-1 supersonic demonstrator prototype

This is ‘Baby Boom,’ the XB-1 supersonic demonstrator prototype, a subscale of the Boom passenger aircraft.

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Boom- a new Concorde in the horizon

Boom supersonic passenger aircraft

Boom supersonic passenger aircraft, aims to fly you from New York to London in half the time.

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Why Is A Sonic Boom So Loud?


Supersonic commercial travel once existed but was decommissioned due to loudness. Why is breaking the sound barrier so loud?  Take a look at the video…

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Taping a Smartphone to a Supersonic Rocket


Look what happens if you strap a smartphone to a supersonic rocket, and flip the switch…

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Feeling the Forces of a Jet Fighter

Feeling the Forces of T-38 Jet Fighter

Feeling the Forces, in a T-38 supersonic trainer jet, with the 560th Flying Training Squadron…

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Supersonic and Quiet

Supersonic and Quiet

Supersonic flight promises to hush the sonic boom.

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F-35 – Flight, Hover and Vertical Landing

F-35 - Flight, Hover and Vertical Landing (1)

The F-35B Lightning II is the UK’s supersonic, vertical landing stealth jet and the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world.   Watch it at the video…

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FF Flash Falcon Supersonic concept

FF Flash Falcon Supersonic concept

The “FF” Flash Falcon design is based in a deep study of today’s and upcoming technologies and future theoretical advances, of Supersonic flights.

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Dyson Silent Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Silent Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson after five years of development, created a silent supersonic hair dryer.

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NASA begins historic X-Plane Research

NASA begins historic X-Plane Research

NASA’s aeronautical innovators are preparing to put in the sky an array of new experimental aircraft, each intended to carry on the legacy of demonstrating advanced technologies that will push back the frontiers of aviation.

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