Mysterious ‘Supervoid’ is largest object in the Universe

Mysterious 'Supervoid'

Mysterious ‘supervoid’ 1.8 billion light-years wide, could be the biggest object ever discovered in the universe.

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Explore the moon like never before

Lunar landscape compiled by US Geological Survey

Explore the moon‘s surface at home like never before. Watch those new maps with vast plains, craters, deep valleys, in stunning detail.

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Are we finally alone in the Universe?

Mid-infrared emission from the Great Galaxy in Andromeda

The concept of humanity being alone in the universe is frightening. A scan of 100,000 galaxies shows no sign of Alien civilizations.

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For the first time dark matter may have been observed

Hubble image of the galaxy cluster Abell 3827

For the first time dark matter may have been observed interacting with other dark matter in a way other than through the force of gravity.

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Seasonal Year-Long Cycles discovered on the Sun

The 11-year solar cycle

Our sun is constantly changing, the activity cycle peaks approximately every 11 years. New research shows evidence of a shorter time cycle as well, with activity waxing and waning over the course of about 330 days.

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Magnificent time lapse sequences of the sun’s atmosphere observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft between 2011 and 2015.

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The Great Attractor on April’s Night Sky

The Great Attractor

The Night Sky in April shows Virgo and further away the location of a mysterious area, the Great Attractor and we are traveling towards it amazingly fast: with the speed of 14 million mph!

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Hubble’s Greatest Hits

Star V838 Monocerotis

National Geographic did a stunning coverage on Hubble Space Telescope, that its pictures have dazzled us for 25 years and change our view to the Cosmos.

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The best videos from yesterday’s Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

Take a look at some of the videos of the yesterday’s Solar Eclipse, for those who did had the chance to see…

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The Milky contains billions of Habitable Planets

Multiple Planets in the Habitable Zone

A new study claims that the Milky Way is home to billions of planets positioned at the ‘habitable zone.’

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