Mapping Fireballs

Fireballs map

A small asteroid disintegrates in Earth’s atmosphere, in this mapping fireballs – between 1994 and 2013 – chart, about every other week, and the distribution around the world appears to be random.

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Sharper Solar Flare

Solar active region AR2192

Sun’s Solar active region AR2192 produced a whopping six energetic X-class flares at the end of October, the largest recorded sunspot group of the last 24 years.

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Rebuilding the Interstellar Black Hole


In the video Shanks FX – PBS Digital Studios recreate the black hole from Christopher Nolan‘s film Interstellar.   Watch the video to find out how…

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Could we actually Live on Mars?

Could we Live on Mars

Could we actually live on Mars and what would it take to survive on this planet?   Watch the video to find out what we need to colonize the Red planet…

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Interstellar and Google Educate Students

Interstellar lessons

Interstellar creators and google joined forces to launch a special program for students interested in Wormholes, gravitational forces, relativity, and warped space-time.

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The Double Dust Disks planetary system

Planetary system HD 95086

Astronomers to find out what do other star systems look like, are carrying out detailed observations of nearby stars in infrared light to see which have dust disks that might be forming planets.

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Philae has gone to Sleep

panorama of the surface of the Comet

Philae has gone to sleep, its batteries have drained, scientists collected as much science out of the small lander as possible.

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First images from Comet’s surface

Comet's surface

These are the first images from Comet‘s surface, sent by Philae lander. The probe is sending data, but ESA isn’t sure where it landed or how long it’ll survive.

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The Solar System compared to Earth

Solar planet compared to Earth

The Solar System compared to Earth by astronomer John Brady. He reveals the size of planets and moons in relation to our blue planet.   North America how it would look on the Mars

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Amazing illustration of the Solar System

Our Solar System

Amazing illustration of the Solar System to scale by Roberto Ziche. One of the most impressive comparisons of the sun and the planets ever made.

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