Flight to Venus

Sun, plane, Venus

Shown above is a UPS MD-11 jet caught in front of the Sun during the 2012 transit of Venus, the black dot on the right side of the solar disk.    Image © Bob Fugate; Bob’s Web site

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All the planets can fit between the Earth and the Moon

All the planets in the solar system

All the planets of the Solar System could fit within the average distance between the Earth and the Moon!

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Giant Sunspot AR 2192

Sunspot AR 2192

Giant Sunspot AR 2192 taking place during the partial solar eclipse, captured in this sharp telescopic image from October 22nd.    Image © >Randall Shivak and Alan Friedman (Averted Imagination)

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Solar Eclipse and Sunspots

Partial Solar Eclipse

The new Moon aligned with the Sun and its giant sunspot group AR 2192, to dim the bright solar disk during Thursday’s partial solar eclipse.   Image © Michael Bolte (UCSC)

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Interstellar has the most realistic Black Hole ever


According to scientists the new film Interstellar has the most realistic black hole ever, and that special effects may result in ‘important scientific discovery.’

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Small Moon Mimas

Saturn's moon Mimas

Mimas, one of Saturn‘s small moons with a big crater, is made of mostly water ice with a smattering of rock – so it is accurately described as a big dirty snowball.

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Earth’s magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime

magnetic field of Erth

New study finds Earth’s magnetic field that protects life from energetic particles from the sun and cosmic rays, could flip within a human lifetime. It can take just 100 years to flip.   Image © ESA

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100 Planetary Nebulas in one page

100 Planetary Nebulas

An amazing collection of 100 planetary nebulas, almost all the beauty of our Universe, in one page by Judy Schmidt.

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The Hunter’s Moon Lunar Eclipse

Hunter’s Moon Lunar Eclipse

This is one of the best photos of the Hunter’s Moon Lunar Eclipse, by photographer Frank Miller.

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Two Black Holes Dancing

Two Supermassive black holes

The two bright sources at this composite x-ray (blue)/ radio (pink) image are co-orbiting supermassive black holes at the center of active galaxy 3C 75.

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