Fresh Food Production on Space Station

Fresh Food Production in Space

A plant growth chamber bound for the Space Station inside the Dragon capsule on the SpaceX-3 resupply mission will help expand in-orbit food production capabilities and offer astronauts something they don’t take for granted, fresh food.   Image © NASA/Bryan Onate

By |April 15, 2014|Space|

The USAF’s Secret X-37B is almost 500 days in space

USAF’s Secret X-37B

The Air Force’s X-37B unmanned shadowy mini-Space Shuttle, will spent 500 days traveling around our planet at the end of the month, in a secret mission.   Image © The U.S. Air Force.

By |April 12, 2014|Space|

Eye-wash in Space

Eye-wash in Space

A simple operation on Earth can become quite complicated when floating around in weightlessness. We all know what to do if something harmful splashes into our eyes: wash with lots of water…   Image © NASA

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NASA’s Earth Photo of the Year

Canary Islands from space

The winning image of the NASA’s Earth Photo of the Year, is the Canary Islands was captured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA’s Terra satellite last June.

Loading ATV-5 cargo

ATV-5 cargo

ESA’s fifth and last Automated Transfer Vehicle, ATVGeorges Lemaître,will deliver more than 2600 kg of dry cargo to the International Space Station. Packing the cargo requires careful planning and execution because…

By |April 3, 2014|Space|

Space Station Robot Forgets Key Again

ISS commander Koichi Wakata

The frustrated Space Station robot AFJ013 was reduced to tapping on a ISS window and asking for a human to let her back in — for the third time this week has forgotten her space lock key.     Image © Expedition 38 Crew, International Space Station, NASA

By |April 2, 2014|Space|

NASA wants you to vote for the next spacesuit

The "Technology" spacesuit

NASA reveals three bizarre spacesuits and wants you to vote which one will go for production. The three suits are called Biomimicry, Technology and Trends In Society.   The “Technology” spacesuit

By |March 28, 2014|Space|

Re-entry astronaut emergency suit

Re-entry astronaut suit

This re-entry astronaut emergency suit, designed by Bulgarian artist dfacto, The heat insulated suit can be used when an astronaut abandons his doomed craft and returns to earth.

By |March 27, 2014|Space|

First Images from NASA-JAXA Global Rain and Snowfall Satellite

First Images from NASA-JAXA

NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have released the first images captured by their newest Earth-observing satellite, the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory, Global Rain and Snowfall Satellite.   Watch the video…

By |March 26, 2014|Space|

NASA’s Flower shaped telescope

NASA's Flower shaped telescope

NASA just unveiled plans for flower shaped starshade space telescope, to acquire Images of Earth-Like exoplanets.   Watch the video…

By |March 25, 2014|Space|
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