Webb Space Telescope in giant Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Webb Space Telescope in giant Thermal Vacuum Chamber

The James Webb Space Telescope‘s Pathfinder backplane test model, inside NASA’s giant thermal vacuum chamber, called Chamber A, at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, is being prepared for its cryogenic test.


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Watch how close SpaceX came to Landing its Rocket

SpaceX to Landing its Rocket

After SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch to the International Space Station, the company tried to land the main stage of their rocket on the remote drone ship.   Watch how close came to landing its rocket…


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3D-Printed Rocket Engine

3D-Printed Rocket Engine

With this 3D-printed, battery-powered rocket engine, Rocket Lab is reshaping the way they are manufactured and the way they function.


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A Message to Space by 11 Hyundai

A Message to Space Station

Stephanie from Houston misses her astronaut father working at the International Space Station.
Watch how her special message, written by 11 Hyundai Genesis, was delivered to her father in space…


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Watch LIVE SpaceX to attempt revolutionary Rocket Landing on a drone ship

Falcon 9 hit target, but tipped over

SpaceX is going to try, for the third time, to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on the remote Just Read The Instructions drone ship, beginning at 4:10pm EDT.

UPDATE: Falcon 9 hit target, but tipped over.


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Astronaut’ s spacewalk GoPro footage

spacewalk GoPro footage

NASA has released footage with a GoPro camera, showing what it’s like to spacewalk and work on the International Space Station.   Watch the video…


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Spiderlike Robots could build giant Space Structures

Giant Space Structures by Spiderlike Robots

Spiderlike Robots could build giant Space Structures help humans survive on planetary exploration.


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NASA tests ‘Flying Saucer’ Mars lander

‘Flying Saucer’ Mars lander

NASA is testing ‘Flying Saucer’ Mars lander, which will play a crucial role in future Red planet missions.


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Cow's spacesuit

Scientists in collaboration with farmers, after decades of debates, have finally agreed on the design of the cow’s spacesuit, to survive on a moon expedition.


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China is working on a Space Solar Power Station

Space Solar Power Station

Chinese scientists are working on the design of a space solar power station {SSPS), that will be the largest-ever space project.


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