The first 3D Printed part made in Space

The first 3D Printed part in Space

NASA and private company Made In Space, after a long time collaboration, they just produce first 3-D printed part in space.

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Planet Earth in amazing 4K timelapse

Planet Earth in 4K timelapse

A stunning timelapse of Earth in 4K resolution, as imaged by the geostationary Elektro-L weather satellite, located 40,000 km above the Indian ocean.

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Philae has gone to Sleep

panorama of the surface of the Comet

Philae has gone to sleep, its batteries have drained, scientists collected as much science out of the small lander as possible.

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Philae Attempting Comet Nucleus Landing Live

Philae Landing on comet

Watch Rosetta’s lander Philae attempting comet nucleus landing, Live by ESA.

Update: Philae has landed to Comet’s surface at 16:02 GMT !! A great success for ESA and humanity!

Update: The Philae lander has separated from the Rosetta orbiter, and is now on its way to becoming the first spacecraft to touch down …

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Watch Comet landing live online

Comet landing live

NASA’s live coverage of the first landing on a comet begins at 9 a.m. EST (14 UTC) on Wednesday.

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Elon Musk will build 700 satellites to provide worldwide internet

satellites to provide worldwide internet

Elon Musk is planning to build 700 cheap satellites to provide worldwide internet.   Image © NASA

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A mash up of scenes from Space movies

scenes from Space movies

A stunning mash up of scenes from Space movies, by MOVIECLIPS Trailers, that puts together scenes from the best Space films ever made.   Watch the video…

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3D-printing a Lunar base

Lunar base by Foster+Partners

Astronauts will be 3D-printing a Lunar base rather than building it, according to a proposal from Foster+Partners in collaboration with ESA.   Watch the new video…

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Astronaut’s journey to space

journey to space

What does astronaut see from up there? From the blue water of oceans, the red soil of Africa, to the green lights of the Poles and yellow light of human activity… Something astoundingly beautiful and strange at the same time.   Watch the video…

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Water Bubble in Space

Water Bubble in ISS

Space Station Astronauts grow a water bubble in Space, during Expedition 40 in the summer of 2014,  exploring the phenomenon of water surface tension in microgravity on the ISS.   Watch the amazing water bubble in the video…

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