Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop explains in a video, how its 670mph (1,070km/h) pods working.

“The key to our product is guiding by a design that is elegant through its simplicity, future-proof due to its modularity, and guided by the principles of this century, not the last.”

We’re building for fast, effortless journeys that expand possibilities. Our system can propel passenger or cargo pods at speeds of over 1000 km/h. That is 3x faster than high-speed rail and more than 10x faster than traditional rail.

Virgin Hyperloop

The Virgin Hyperloop delivers airline speeds, the same G-forces as rail, and the ease of riding a metro. A central command & control ensures safe and reliable passage throughout the network.

By virtually eliminating aerodynamic drag, the Virgin Hyperloop can have a cross-sectional area ~1/2 that of high-speed rail and therefore close to half the cost.

Virgin Hyperloop explained 1

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