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Wearable Drone for snaping Selfies

Nixie wearable camera

Nixie is a tiny wearable camera on a wrist band. The wrist straps unfold to create a quadcopter that flies, taking photos or video and then comes back to you.   Watch he video

By |September 30, 2014|Categories: Aviation

Can Am Spyder F3

Can Am Spyder trike

Can Am’s Spyder F3 trike representing a major evolution in design of open road riding, has a 3-cylinder engine producing up to 115hp and 96 lb.-ft. of torque.   Watch the video…

By |September 30, 2014|Categories: Vehicles

Mercedes-AMG Engines- assembling video

Mercedes-AMG Engines

In this video you can see how Mercedes-AMG amazing engines are assembled. Take a look at the video made by Cool Hunting…

By |September 30, 2014|Categories: Vehicles

Boeing 787 Dreamliner put together

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Introducing ‘Birthday Girl’! Watch Virgin Atlantic’s first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner put together quickly in time lapse video.

By |September 29, 2014|Categories: Aviation

Watch how hard is to win Erzbergrodeon motorcycle race

Erzbergrodeon motorcycle race

Watch in the video how hard is to win Erzbergrodeon motorcycle race. Ride a long with Jonny Walker as he shows you all the details of the 2014 Red Bull Erzbergrodeo!

By |September 29, 2014|Categories: Sports, Vehicles

Brilliant Tilting Lock system ends traffic congestion

Tilting Lock system

Tilting Lock system ends traffic congestion by bridge openings. Is not going up but the ship goes down!   Watch the video…

By |September 29, 2014|Categories: Architecture, Boats

One of the best Aviation photo ever

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird team

In this impressive image all pilots or back-seat reconnaissance systems officers, wearing pressurized flight suits, are from the Blackbird SR-71 team.

By |September 28, 2014|Categories: Aviation

Red planet by MAVEN

Mars by MAVEN

In this image by MAVEN spacecraft, the three ultraviolet wavelength bands show light reflected from atomic hydrogen (in blue), atomic oxygen (in green) and Mars surface (in red).

By |September 27, 2014|Categories: Space

Ferrari 458 Speciale A spider

Ferrari 458

Ferrari unveiled at the Paris Motor Show the new limited edition model 458 Speciale A (A as in Aperta).

By |September 27, 2014|Categories: Vehicles

Silver Fast 77m luxury yacht

Silver Fast 77 (20)

Silver Fast 77m luxury yacht by Silver Yachts can achieve top speeds of 29 knots and has a range of 4500nm.

By |September 26, 2014|Categories: Boats
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