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Comparison of optical Telescope primary mirrors- infographic

Comparison of optical Telescopes

An impressive infographic comparison of optical telescope primary mirrors since 1893, to the European Extremely Large 39 meter Telescope at Cerro Armazones, in Chile, planned for 2022.

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Astronomy, Technology news

A Probe will study Earth’s Forests in 3-D

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI)

A laser-based instrument called GEDI, developed for the International Space Station, will give a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests, helping to fill in missing information about their role in the carbon cycle.

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Space

This power plug used for floating Wind turbines

The MacArtney 11kV, 400 amp wet mate connector

This gigantic power plug made for floating wind turbines, wave energy converters, tidal energy converters, eliminates “the need to bring cables to the surface by wet mating and de-mating cable infrastructure.”

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Green Energy, Technology news

World’s Largest Spacecraft Welding Tool

Spacecraft Welding Tool

World’s largest spacecraft welding tool for Space Launch System, the Vertical Assembly Center, officially is open for business at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.

By |September 15, 2014|Categories: Space

Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster

Confederate X132

Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster motorcycle, equipped with innovative engineering, designed with distinctive drag race architecture.

By |September 15, 2014|Categories: Vehicles

Airbus A330 after Hail strike

Airbus Hail strike

This happened to Europa A332, 12-hour AirEuropa flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires, on Sep 9th 2014, when the aircraft encountered hail the last 20 minutes of the trip.   Image ©Aviation Herald

By |September 15, 2014|Categories: Aviation

Good morning from #space

Good morning from ISS

Good morning from #space! US Astronaut Reid Wiseman tweets stunning pictures of sunrise from the Space Station.   Take a look at some of his beautiful pictures…

By |September 14, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena, Space


Kormaran concept boat

The Kormaran is a new concept boat, that can be transformed from catamaran to hydrofoils design even when driving.

By |September 14, 2014|Categories: Boats

Lucas di Grassi is the winner in the Beijing ePrix

Beijing ePrix

Lucas di Grassi stole victory in the first Formula E Evergrande Spring Beijing ePrix, after Nicolas Prost and Nick Heidfeld crashed in a last corner battle for the lead.   Watch the video…

By |September 13, 2014|Categories: Vehicles

3D-printed Car by Local Motors

The Strati 3D-printed Car 2

The Strati is the world’s first 3D-printed car. Will be 3D-printed in just 44 hours, in one piece, using direct digital manufacturing.    Watch the video…

By |September 13, 2014|Categories: Technology news, Vehicles
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