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James Webb Space Telescope’s Heart deep freeze test

James Webb Space Telescope's Heart

James Webb Space Telescope‘s heart survives deep freeze test, after 116 days of being subjected to extremely frigid temperatures like that in space.

By |October 22, 2014|Categories: Space

Rescue Tip-Board inflatable life-raft

Rescue Tip-Board

The Rescue Tip-Board a fully inflatable life-raft makes it easier to rescue people from the water.

By |October 22, 2014|Categories: Boats

Porsche 913 Supercar concept

Porsche 913

Porsche 913 supercar concept created by Rene Garcia, designed to cover the range from 911 Turbo ($250,000), to the 918 Spyder ($800,000).

By |October 22, 2014|Categories: Vehicles

PhotoMath App calculates Equations


PhotoMath app scans and calculates equations in real time, with your smartphone’s camera.  Watch the video…

By |October 22, 2014|Categories: Computers

Compact Fusion by Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin fusion

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works says they made a technological breakthrough, by developing a very small power source based on nuclear fusion.

By |October 21, 2014|Categories: Technology news

Hydros retractable hydrofoil boat

Hydros HY-X

The Hydros HY-X  hydrofoil boat, hybrid and energy efficient, demonstrated on the French Riviera during Monaco Yacht Show 2014.   Watch the video…

By |October 21, 2014|Categories: Boats

Earth’s largest ship

m.v. Pieter Schelte

The m.v. Pieter Schelte is earth’s largest ship, so big it can lift entire oil platforms and then transport it to another destination.   Watch the video…

By |October 21, 2014|Categories: Boats

The Ubi – Voice operated computer

The Ubi

The Ubi is a WiFi connected, voice operated computer allowing you to stay in touch with family, friends. Just plug it in and you can talk through it to the ones you love.   Watch the video…

By |October 20, 2014|Categories: Computers

The Porsche 919 race car Multi-function Steering wheel

Porsche 919 race car Steering wheel

The multi-function steering wheel of the Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car, has 24 buttons and switches on the front and six paddles on the reverse side.

By |October 20, 2014|Categories: Vehicles

Top-secret space plane lands after Two Years in orbit

X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, the unmanned – reusable Air Force’s top-secret space plane, landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base after completing 674 days in space.   Watch the video…

By |October 20, 2014|Categories: Space
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