High-energy fireworks coming in early 2018

Fireworks in the our galaxy by a pulsar

Majestic fireworks in the our galaxy coming in early 2018, when a stellar remnant the size of a city, meets one of the brightest stars.


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Road Bike Freestyle 2

Road Bike Freestyle

Watch in this video the amazing Freestyle bike tricks of the Italian Vittorio Brumotti…


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Cold, Ice prevailed in early Mars

Warm and cold scenarios for early Mars

A new study suggests that the seas of Mars may never have existed, instead the planet was cold and icy billions years ego.


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A pyramid on Mars?

A pyramid on Mars

Conspiracy theorists claim they have found a ‘near-perfect design and shape’ pyramid on Mars.   Watch the video…


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Seasons and Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn

On Earth, June 21 marks a solstice, the time when the Earth’s spin axis tilts directly toward the Sun. On Saturn, the rings tell you the season.  Image credit Damian Peach/SEN


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All Systems Go for NASA’s Mission to Europa

Jupiter ice covered Moon Europa

All systems go for NASA’s mission to Jupiter ice covered Moon Europa, one of the most promising places in the solar system to search for signs of present-day life.   Watch the video…


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The incredible night on June 20

 Jupiter, Venus and the moon on June 20

Don’t miss tonight the rare majestic dance of the trio: Jupiter, Venus and the moon.   Take a look at the video…


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New Horizons to explore Pluto

New Horizons in Pluto

Next month, NASA’s New Horizons, the fastest spacecraft ever created, will pas by Pluto beaming back high-resolution photos of the dwarf planet’s surface, for the first time in human history.   To find out more, take a look at the video commissioned by The National Space Society…


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Can you solve the mystery of Spots on Ceres?

The bright spots on Ceres

NASA released new images of the bright spots on Ceres and astronomers still they don’t have a clue for their origin.


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The Milky Way over the majestic Temple of Poseidon

Milky Way over the Temple of Poseidon

In this impressive image with the Milky Way in the background, the glowing lights are emanate from the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, 65km southeast of Athens, Greece.   Image credit Alexandros Maragos


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