At the Edge of the Solar Storm

Northern lights (auroras) can only be seen on a clear, dark and cloudless night, almost year-round (excluding June and July when the nights are too bright)…

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World’s First Solar Panel Road in France

World’s first solar panel road created in the village Tourouvre-au-Perche, in Normandy, France.

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World’s largest Solar Power Plant unveiled in India


The world’s largest solar power plant unveiled in one of the world’s top polluting countries.

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SolarStratos will fly to the edge of space

SolarStratos to the edge of space

SolarStratos solar plane unveils plans to fly to the edge of space, 75,000 feet above Earth.

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Gigantic Solar Farm in Africa could be Powering Europe

Gigantic Solar Farm in Africa

A gigantic solar farm in a Moroccan desert, in Africa, could be powering Europe.

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Next generation Voltaic Solar Backpacks

Next generation Voltaic Solar Backpacks

Array + OffGrid, a new generation of solar backpacks.

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Apple Campus 2 November 2016


Take a look at the most recent progress at Apple Campus 2 featuring new landscaping, solar, and new buildings…

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Elon Musk unveiled his brand new Solar Roof

Solar Roof

Elon Musk unveiled his new solar roof system along with a 14 kWh second generation Powerwall battery.

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First Public Test for Solar Roadways


The City of Sandpoint will unveil the first-ever public demonstration of Solar Roadways.

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21,000 Suns in a laboratory


Scientists have created a solar simulator that replicates the heat and light of the sun’s radiation.

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