Potentially Habitable Moons

Europa, Ganymede, Titan and Enceladus

According to astrobiologists, these may be the four most tantalizing potentially habitable moons in our Solar System. Europa, Ganymede, Titan and Enceladus shown at the same scale.

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Super Moon vs. Micro Moon

Super Moon and Micro Moon

What is so super about today’s supermoon? This full moon will occur that appears slightly larger and brighter than usual. It’s caulked the Harvest Moon.

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Exploring the Moon and Mars with Google Maps

Mars with Google Maps

Like Google Earth, the new update to Google maps gives you the ability to explore craters on Mars and the Moon from your browser.   Watch the video…

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A new vision of Earth 4 billion years ago

Earth 4 billion years ago

These are Earth and Moon in the Hadean epoch, 4 billion years ago, pummeled by large impacts letting magma flow out and at the same time, some parts of Earth’s surface could have retained liquid water.   Image credit  Simone Marchi.    Watch the video…

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The First Advertisement on the Moon

Advertisment On The Moon

Otsuka, the company that makes Pocari Sweat, will send a can of the powdered drink to the moon. It will be the first advertisement on our satellite.

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A Partially Eclipsed setting Sun

Partially Eclipse of the Sun

Something unusual about this setting Sun. There are birds flying to the Sun’s left. More unusual is the occulted piece at the top right. And that’s no occulting cloud that’s the Moon.   Image © Andrew Wall

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Spectacular total lunar eclipse on April 15

total lunar eclipse

It was a spectacular total lunar eclipse (2014 April 15), explains the talented photographer Babak A. Tafreshi, under the crystal clear night sky of La Silla observatory, at the southern outskirt of Atacama Desert, Chile.   All images © Babak A. Tafreshi

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Airbus and the moon

Airbus and the moon

Airbus and the moon. An impressive moment. An “Air Condor” plane passing in front of the moon.   Image © Sebastien Lebrigand

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Underground sea discovered on Enceladus

Underground sea on Enceladus

Enceladus, the Icy Moon of Saturn, may have a underground sea. Using Cassini’s radio science experiment, planetary scientists have now been able to investigate the interior of the enigmatic moon.

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Navigate the Moon’s North Pole

Navigate the Moon’s North Pol 1

NASA releases a giant interactive mosaic image of the lunar north pole. It took four years to create and covers an area equivalent to a quarter of the US.

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