The brilliant Alignment Optical Telescope on Apollo

The Alignment Optical Telescope used to guide the Lunar Module, on the Apollo missions to the Moon.   This is how…

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Lunette. A fantasy based short, featuring the journey of a wolf, who travels with the moon…

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Contemplating our spectacular Sun

Sun partially eclipsed on the top left by the Moon is also seen eclipsed by earthlings contemplating the eclipse below.   Image credit Steven Gilbert

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NASA could colonise the Moon by 2022

NASA could colonise the Moon by 2022 and it wouldn’t actually be that expensive, thanks to 3D printing, robots and SpaceX.

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An epic Solar Eclipse from space

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) added another first to its collection of unique snapshots, by observing the total solar eclipse in the Western Pacific.   Watch the animation…

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The Solar Eclipse on March 8

On March 8, the moon passes in front of the sun, creating a total solar eclipse visible in parts of Southeast Asia. Watch the NASA’s video…

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Strange ‘Space Music’ heard by Apollo 10 astronauts

NASA just released recording of strange ‘space music’ heard by Apollo 10 astronauts, on the far side of the Moon.

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If the Moon were at the same distance as the Space Station

Take a look at the video what it would look like if the If the Moon was at the same distance as the Space Station…

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Moon was created by a collision between Earth and a forming planet

A head-on violent collision between the early Earth and a “planetary embryo” called Theia, formed the Moon approximately 100 million years after the Earth formed.

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The Man in the Moon

The textured surface of full Moon is home to numerous identifications of iconic objects, like this facial outline commonly identified as the Man in the Moon.  Image credit Dani Caxete

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