Spectacular total lunar eclipse on April 15

total lunar eclipse

It was a spectacular total lunar eclipse (2014 April 15), explains the talented photographer Babak A. Tafreshi, under the crystal clear night sky of La Silla observatory, at the southern outskirt of Atacama Desert, Chile.   All images © Babak A. Tafreshi

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Airbus and the moon

Airbus and the moon

Airbus and the moon. An impressive moment. An “Air Condor” plane passing in front of the moon.   Image © Sebastien Lebrigand

By |April 6, 2014|Aviation|

Underground sea discovered on Enceladus

Underground sea on Enceladus

Enceladus, the Icy Moon of Saturn, may have a underground sea. Using Cassini’s radio science experiment, planetary scientists have now been able to investigate the interior of the enigmatic moon.

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Navigate the Moon’s North Pole

Navigate the Moon’s North Pol 1

NASA releases a giant interactive mosaic image of the lunar north pole. It took four years to create and covers an area equivalent to a quarter of the US.

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March Full moon over the Acropolis

Full moon over the Acropolis

The March full moon rising over the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, captured by Nikolaos Pantazis.

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Moon passes in front of Saturn

Moon passes in front of Saturn

In the video the Moon passes in front of Saturn, a rare event called occultation, captured from Perth, Western Australia, just on dawn, on Saturday, Feb. 22.    Watch the beautiful video of planetary motion…

By |February 27, 2014|Astronomy|

Moonlight Aurora

Moonlight Aurora

The moon was bright when Mike Taylor captured this Aurora Borealis photo, captured it on February 19, 2014.    Image © Mike Taylor    with permission.

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Crescent Moon rising above Earth’s atmosphere

Crescent Moon rising above Earth's atmosphere

This view of a crescent moon rising and the cusp of Earth’s atmosphere, was tweeted by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata, on Feb. 1, 2014.   Image © NASA

By |February 9, 2014|Astronomy|

We are Here!

Earth from Mars

This is the Martian horizon and the twilight sky, including Earth as the brightest point of light in the night sky. In this image taken by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, our moon is just below Earth. Can you see them?

By |February 8, 2014|Astronomy|

Solar eclipse from space

Solar eclipse from space 1

On Jan. 30, 2014, beginning at 8:31 a.m EST, the moon moved between NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, and the sun, giving the observatory a view of a partial solar eclipse from space.   Take a look at the video…

By |January 31, 2014|Astronomy|
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