Pedal powered lawnmower (1)

The carbon fiber Pedal powered lawnmower helps you keep fit while cutting your grass.

Images credit Seymourpowell

The £3,000 Grazor, tricycle pedal powered mower, features mower blades attached to the front, 5 gears to make it easier to pedal up and down steep slopes.

The carbon fiber lawnmower, uses a series of chains allowing the pedals to power the wheels and the blades.

Pedal powered lawnmower (3)


Dick Powell, director at Seymourpowell, said:

‘I think it would appeal to those who genuinely enjoy exercise, a nice lawn and who care for the environment. Drive from the pedals is transferred via a chain to a five-speed gearbox.

From there, again via a chain, it goes to a small differential of the kind found on rickshaws. To the user, it is all very simple.

Pedal powered lawnmower (2)


It would be an expensive product which, in itself, would limit its market in much the same way as a super high-end bicycle has a limited market.’

Pedal powered lawnmower (1)


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