The ICON seaplane experience

The ICON seaplane

ICON’s team has worked over the years to create the first customer A5 aircraft and delivered the seaplane to EAA Young Eagles Chairman and aerobatic pilot Sean Tucker.


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TF-X new Driverless Flying Car

TF-X new Driverless Flying Car

This is one most futuristic driveless flying car concept, a vision for the future of personal transportation, unveiled in a new video.


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Crash Test for the Emergency Transmitters

Cessna Crash Test for Emergency Transmitters

A Cessna 172 dropped to the concrete from 82 feet (25 meters), to test the performance of four emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) installed on board.


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Lightweight Membrane will reduce in-flight Aircraft noise

Lightweight Membrane will reduce in-flight Aircraft noise

A new lightweight membrane that will definitely reduce aircraft noise, when inserted into the honeycomb structures used in the design, unveiled.


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Siemens exceptional Electric Aircraft Motor

Siemens Electric Aircraft Motor

Siemens has developed an exceptional electric aircraft motor that combining high power with minimal weight.


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New Year’s Eve flight operations aboard aircraft carrier

operations aboard aircraft carrier

New Year’s Eve flight operations aboard aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, in the Arabian Golf.   Watch the video…


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First Hybrid-electric airplane

Hybrid-electric airplane

Hybrid-electric airplane, the first ever to be able to recharge its batteries in flight, has been successfully tested in the UK.   Watch the video…


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Airbus A380 from Concept to Reality

Airbus A380

The Qatar Airways Airbus A380 journey begins with the arrival of the component parts to build our plane…   Watch the video…


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Nike’s sports aircraft cabin of the future

Nike's sports aircraft cabin

Seattle-based firm, Teague designed for Nike a jet fit for a (Sacramento) King, specifically an aircraft cabin of the future.


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Aeromobil 2.5 flying car successfully takes off

Aeromobil 2.5

The third edition of Aeromobil 2.5 flying car, designed by Slovakian engineer Stefan Klein, successfully takes off.


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