The Sun as a Work of Art

Sun as a Work of Art

Using a combination of two images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), astrophotographer Rick Ellis from Toronto, Canada, created this work of art Sun by using a series of photoshop filters and effects.   Image © Rick Ellis

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Lunar Transit by Solar Dynamics Observatory

Lunar Transit

The moon crossed between NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and the sun, a phenomenon called a lunar transit.

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Puffing Sun


An unusual series of impressive eruptions spotted by a suite of NASA’s sun-gazing spacecraft, in which a series of fast puffs forced the slow ejection of a massive burst of solar material from the sun’s atmosphere.    Image © Alzate/SDO

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Enormous stream of plasma burst out from the Sun

plasma burst out from the Sun

An enormous stream of plasma burst out from the Sun, but since it lacked enough force to break away, most of it fell back into the sun.   Watch the video…

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Watch the Sun Rotating

the Sun Rotating

This sequence displays the Sun rotating, made by NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory – SDO images during the month of January, 2014.  Watch the video…

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First moments of a Solar Flare

First moments of a Solar Flare

The sun emitted a significant solar flare, on Feb. 24, 2014, peaking at 7:49 p.m. EST. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), captured images of the event, in different wavelengths of light.   Image © NASA/SDO

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Solar eclipse from space

Solar eclipse from space 1

On Jan. 30, 2014, beginning at 8:31 a.m EST, the moon moved between NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, and the sun, giving the observatory a view of a partial solar eclipse from space.   Take a look at the video…

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Sun’s Rainbow of Wavelengths

Sun's Rainbow of Wavelengths

A new image taken from a NASA movie of the sun based on data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, showing the wide range of wavelengths – invisible to the naked eye – that the telescope can view.    Watch the video…

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The Moon and Sun from space

The Moon and Sun from space

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, two or three times a year, observes the moon traveling across the sun, blocking its view. While this obscures solar observations for a short while, it offers the chance for an interesting view of the shadow of the moon.    Image © NASA/SDO/LRO/GSFC

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Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes

Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes

A composite of 25 separate images spanning the period of April 16, 2012, to April 15, 2013. It reveals the zones on the Sun where active regions are most common during this part of the solar cycle.      Have a look at the video…   Image © NASA/SDO/AIA/S. Wiessinger

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