Water Wall– Ecological wall heater for bathroom

Water Wall– Ecological wall heater for bathroom 1

Water Wall an ecological wall heater for bathroom, has a transparent coating on the glass surfaces to help absorb solar energy.

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Nacreous cloud shine over Antarctica

Nacreous cloud shine over Antarctica (1)

The very pretty Nacreous clouds also called Polar stratospheric clouds (PSC), are appearing in the winter polar stratosphere. This image shot a few days ago, over NASA’s Radome at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.   Image © Deven Stross

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The Mirror project illuminates the town square

The Mirror project illuminates the town square

The Norwegian town of Rjukan Beginning, is suffering by sunless days, from September until March. The aim of the mirror project is to illuminate the town square of Rjukan with reflected sunlight.

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Bird Sundog

Bird Sundog

Rare but rewarding to see, a little rainbow off to the side of the Sun, such spectacles are known as sundogs, mock suns or parhelia. Sundogs are just sunlight refracting through hexagonal falling ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere.    Image © Juan Manuel Pérez Rayego

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Largest solar sail ever to fly in 2014

Largest solar sail ever to fly in 2014

Largest solar sail ever to fly in 2014, by a NASA research team In-Space Demonstration of a Mission-Capable Solar Sail. An ultra-thin sail unfurling in space, using the pressure of sunlight to provide propellant-free transport, hovering and exploration capabilities.

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Pink Rainbow over Corio Bay, Australia

Pink Rainbow

Rainbows exhibit the colors we’re all familiar with when they’re not at their highest position in the sky. As the Sun sets, rainbows arch higher and higher without much of change in color. However, once the Sun dips below the horizon, the increased path length of sunlight alters a rainbow’s appearance.   Image credit: Phil Thomson; Phil’s Web site

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Reflecting Sunlight into Space to fight Global Warming

Reflecting Sunlight into Space to fight Global Warming

According to a new study published this week in the journal Environmental Research Letters, reflecting sunlight back into space is actually “the cheapest way for us to combat global warming”.   Image credit: Robert Chase

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Sunspots and Silhouettes

Sunspots and Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Paris

In the foreground of this stunning image, is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, built in the late 1800s and located on the highest hill in Paris, France. Next, are thin clouds forward scattering sunlight. Finally, far in the distance and slightly buried into the Sun’s surface, are sunspots, the most prominent of which is sunspot region AR 1512 visible near the disk center.  Image credit: VegaStar Carpentier

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SolarSonic Installation (video)

SolarSonic Installation

SolarSonic by sculptor Ray King, inspired by the ancient Chinese “Bi,” the Neolithic jade discs, is a series of 14 lenses suspended within the terminal’s exterior glass canopy structure.

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Brilliant Sun Pillar over Jenison, Michigan

Brilliant Sun Pillar οver Jenison, Michigan

The photo above showing a breathtaking Sun pillar was captured at sunset near Jenison, Michigan on April 10, 2012. Sun pillars result from the reflection of sunlight off the bottom surfaces (or less frequently, the top surfaces) of plate-shaped ice crystals composing cirrus clouds.   Photographer: Kevin Povenz; Kevin’s Flickr Web site

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