97 new regions in our Brain

Detailed map images reveal how the brain is organized.

Amazing images from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, reveal 97 new regions of our brain , that could ‘revolutionize brain surgery.’

Above image shows areas connected to the three main senses – hearing (red), touch (green) vision (blue) and opposing cognitive systems (light and dark).  Credit Matthew Glasser/Eric Young

The team led by neuroscientist David Van Essen, combined data from different imaging methods of 210 adults. Before the new map, there were only 83 areas in each half of the brain

Now they discovered that our brain’s cortex, is composed of 180 distinct areas per hemisphere. 

97 new regions in our Brain

The pattern of brain activation (red, yellow) and deactivation (blue, green) in the left hemisphere when listening to stories while in the MRI scanner.  Credit Matthew Glasser/Eric Young.

via sciencealert