A chart about your activities in Coronavirus

This color-coded chart evaluating the riskiness of different activities, can help you during the coronavirus pandemic.

A team of health experts created a five color-coded chart, to help you decide about your everyday activities, in covid-19 period.

Based on the assumption that not everybody is “doing the necessary measures,” activities like indoor party, air travel, are more risky than playing tennis or picnicking outside.

Dr. Saskia Popescu, from the University of Arizona and George Mason University, said:

“We were finding just that people really struggled to understand risk dynamics.

There was this kind of false dichotomy of either you stay in, or you go out and it’s really, really dangerous.

You can still live your life and not feel so trapped by what’s going on right now.”

Chart credit Ezekiel J. Emanuel/James P Phillips/Saskia Popescu

source sciencealert