A revolutionary viable alternative Fusion Reactor 1 (1)

California’s Tri Alpha Energy company claims fusion breakthrough, by continuing progress toward a viable alternative fusion reactor.

Above: Tri Alpha Fusion Reactor Tube.   Screenshot from YouTube

Fusion reactors reach hydrogen atoms at high temperatures, like these on the Sun. Tri Alpha heats their sample with hydrogen and boron, up to 10 million degrees Celsius (18 million degrees Fahrenheit).

A revolutionary viable alternative Fusion Reactor

At this temperature it becomes plasma and the fusion reactor holds it away from the ‘walls’ with electromagnetic fields, a method using high amounts of energy.

The reactor made by Tri Alpha used 10 megawatts to heat the gases to just 10 million degrees. But  they’ll need a lot more power.

Tri Alpha Fusion Reactor

The Tri Alpha design seems to be capable to get to the three billion degrees, required to provoke a fusion reaction.

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