Airbus Introduces Transpose

Airbus introduces a new quickly customizable airliner interior concept.

The new Airbus interior modular concept, that’s already in use on freight aircraft, will use a plane without.

Jason Chua, a project executive at Airbus’ Silicon Valley outpost, said:

“Modular aircraft cabins already exist…in the form of freighter variants of large commercial aircraft.”

“This is our starting point: iterating on this already modular, but spartan platform, we’re able to redesign passenger support systems from the ground up to be more flexible, enabling them to be connected and disconnected easily from aircraft. Additionally, we’re taking an ecosystem approach to this challenge, drawing upon expertise and leveraging best practices from multiple industries. With this strategy — starting with a flying plane, and working with a set of best-in-their-field partners — Transpose is both achievable and pragmatic.”

Airbus Introduces Transpose

via popsci