Airbus X6 heavy-lift helicopter

The launch of the concept phase of the planned X6 heavy-lift helicopter, announced by Airbus at the Paris Air Show.

Image credit Airbus

Airbus said that X6 will define the heavy helicopter sector for the next decade and beyond.

X6 will initially target oil and gas missions and will also be perfectly suited for Search and Rescue, VIP and other applications.

A two-year definition period on this next-generation heavy-lift rotorcraft, that will be tailored for the civil market.

Major marketing, architecture and design choices for the twin-engine aircraft will be assessed to meet customer operational requirements during the concept phase, supported by a significant dialog with customers worldwide to validate the X6’s value creation for their operations.

The X6 is the newest arrival in Airbus Helicopters’ H generation, continuing on from the success of the recently unveiled H160. In line with its company-wide transformation, Airbus Helicopters continues to live up to the excellence of the Airbus name and sets its ambitions looking forward.

Guillaume Faury, the President & CEO of Airbus Helicopters, explained:

“X6 will be for the heavy segment in the next decade what the H160 is today for the mediums. It will set new standards in the industry not only for design, but for its production strategy as well, as we will rely on the industrial capacities of our core countries, including the upcoming pillar in Poland. Our objective is to bring to the market the most efficient helicopter solutions adapted for how our customers’ needs and the industry itself will evolve in the future.”

source airbushelicopters