Alef Aeronautics flying car collects 2,850 preordersAlef Aeronautics

Alef Aeronautics flying car, a startup from Silicon Valley with the backing of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, collects 2,850 preorders on its Model A.

This innovative vehicle priced at $300,000 for a two-seater, has attracted significant attention, collecting more than 2,850 preorders since reservations opened in October 2022. Interested buyers can secure their spots with a $150 deposit or more.

Alef Aeronautics flying car collects 2850 preorders 4Alef Aeronautics

The Model A is an electric-powered flying car with a driving range of 200 miles and an estimated flight range of 110 miles. Designed to be versatile, it can navigate roads like a traditional vehicle, take off vertically when needed, and soar through the skies to bypass traffic. In a significant milestone, the Federal Aviation Administration approved test flights for the Model A in July.

Alef Aeronautics flying car collects 2850 preorders 1Alef Aeronautics

CEO and co-founder Jim Dukhovny announced that deliveries for the Model A are scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2025. With $250 million already amassed in preorders as of July, and the potential for all 2,850 reservations to convert, Alef Aeronautics could rake in over $850 million in sales.

Alef Aeronautics flying car collects 2850 preorders 3Alef Aeronautics

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