All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome! You can reach Italy‘s capital on almost 500,000 routes from all across Europe.

This how Moovel Lab approached one of the biggest unsolved quests of mobility:

“Where do you start from, when you want to know every road to Rome? We aligned starting points in a 26,503,452 km² grid covering all of Europe. Every cell of this grid contains a starting point to one of our journeys to Rome.”

Now that we had our 486,713 starting points we needed to find out how we could reach Rome. For this we created an algorithm that calculated one route for every trip. The more often a specific single street segment was used, the stronger it is displayed on the map. The maps as an outcome of this project are somewhere between information visualization and data art, unveiling mobility on a very large scale.

via archdaily

source Moovel Lab