Most amazing bird ever

Most amazing bird ever

Watch this amazing Shoebill bird Sweetly “mimicking” a visiting keeper…

The stork-like bird is in Kakegawa Bird Park, Japan.

The Shoebill is a very large, grey bird with a unique huge, swollen bill, tipped with a strong hooked nail. An adult male is about 120 cm in length, the females are slightly smaller but otherwise alike. The belly and under tail coverts are nearly white. The legs are blackish.

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  1. Secundius 2017/02/03 at 23:30 - Reply

    Isn’t “Mimicking” an Attempt in Communications. Maybe the Birds Mimicking of the Handler is an Attempt in a “Dialog” with the Handler. Instead of “Poo Pooing” the Bird, Find a Common Ground in “Actual” Communications with the Bird. The Bird’s Beak “Clicking/Mimicking” is part of the Attempt…

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