Apple and The Conservation Fund purchased more than 36,000 acres of forest for Eco-friendly product packaging.

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The area that Apple and The Conservation Fund purchased is over 32,400 acres on the Mattawamkeag River in Maine and 3,600 acres of pine and hardwood forest in Brunswick County, North Carolina

The entire land area purchased is larger than the city of San Francisco.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s head of environmental initiatives and Larry Selzer, president and CEO of The Conservation Fund, explained:

“Apple believes that paper, like energy, can be a renewable resource. So Apple is striving to supply 100 percent of the virgin fibers used in its paper and packaging from sustainably managed forests or controlled wood sources.”

Selzer said:

“Apple is clearly leading by example—one that we hope others will follow. By all accounts, the loss of America’s working forests is one of our nation’s greatest environmental challenges. The initiative announced today is precedent-setting.”

Out of 750 million acres of U.S. forests, more than 420 million acres are “working” forest, which provide timber for construction, as well as fiber for paper and packaging. More than 45 million acres of those working forests are at risk of being lost to development. In particular, these lands are being sold and then resold in smaller pieces to be converted into residential and commercial space.

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source The Conservation Fund