Arosa Sports Hovercraft

Arosa blends cutting-edge hovercraft and electric vehicle innovation with luxury, high-performance technology.

VonMercier Arosa sports hovercraft is an amphibious vehicle that can travel over land, water and a variety of terrain in between. It does this by traveling on a cushion of air and essentially flying right above the surface. The air cushion is suspended inside a flexible reinforced fabric skirt which helps compensate for changes in terrain and gives clearance for obstacles.

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The Arosa is the most maneuverable personal hovercraft in the world. The innovative, patented directional control system enables advanced maneuverability in the forward, lateral and reverse directions, so you can stop and go with ease. Intuitive pilot inputs make flying the hovercraft easy to learn and enjoy.

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High-end materials, such as carbon fiber and metal alloys, enhance the state-of-the-art of the Arosa. Material selection is balanced with smart manufacturing techniques to keep costs down. The Arosa sports hovercraft embodies construction techniques from the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries.

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