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A startup with 777-size autonomous drones project, can cut air freight costs in half.

Natilus’ huge unmanned planes in 2020, could carry 200,000 pounds of cargo across the globe.

The company’s goal is to build a 30-foot prototype and then to create the full-scale, 200-foot drone by 2020.

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Founded by a group of aircraft designers and military drone specialists in 2014. Natilus Inc. is a company specializing in the production and operation of large amphibious aircraft drones which introduces a more cost effective way to transport goods worldwide.

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According to Natilus:

Natilus is the next generation cargo carrier, an organically designed, built and serviced large cargo capacity UAV – not a deliverer of small packages.

Natilus has identified the “sweet-spot” in the international freight market between sea and air freight
o Difference between sea and air freight cost is about 10x
o Natilus can deliver cargo 17x faster than a standard cargo ship
o Natilus can deliver cargo at 50% the price of a Boeing 747

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Natilus can be produced at a fraction of the cost of a Boeing 747
o Applying ‘Skunk Works’ development techniques
o Operating outside of FAA airspace certification saves years and millions of dollars
o Removal of life support
o Vehicle price drops from 250M to 20M

Natilus can be operated at a fraction of the cost of a Boeing 747
o Fuel represent over 32% of the total operating cost of an airline

Through slower speeds and early adoption of electric engines, Natilus will reduce fuel
burn by 50%
o Labor represent over 20% of the total operating cost of an airline

Natilus drones will use state-of-the-art auto pilot systems to significantly reduce labor

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