Avionics V1 Electric Bike

Avionics V1 retro electric handmade bike in premium class, made by masters of craft.

Openwork frame holds the wooden saddle that hangs on shock absorber. This exceptional construction identify Avionics . The leaf spring with upper pipes of frame suggests wing section. The wing is ended with saddle springs. Just behind the saddle is a perfectly adjusted back lamp.

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The soul of Avionics is a lamp and its name. Every single bike has a name with dedicated unrepeatable lamp. The golden, warm light she emits makes night ride enjoyable and safe.

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Front forks suspension smoothly turns into handle bars ended with massive horns. Those are made of wood and form a perfect protection for hands.

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The true heart of Avionics is a main wooden chest. This is powerful monolith with no couture’s or screws. Aesthetic form is enclosed by leather bumper belts. Waterproof and dust resistant chest protects electronics and the battery inside. It is armed with immobilizer, charging port, and usb port for programming Avionics and charging other electronic devices.

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Max speed 58 km/h

Range 120 km

source Avionics