Beta Alia's manned hovering transition to cruise flightBeta Technologies

Beta Alia eVTOL achieves a historic first with a manned hovering transition, to cruise flight.

The company has achieved a significant milestone by fully transitioning its aircraft from hovering to cruising with wings, then back to hovering for landing. This marks the first time any company has demonstrated this with a pilot onboard.

“We’ve been testing over the last several years, all of the different data points to bring Alia through what we call ‘transition,’ which is the point at which it’s flying like a helicopter to flying like an airplane (and back again). And, today, we’re going to thread them all together.”

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Test pilot Nate Moyer piloted the Alia-250 at New York’s Plattsburgh International Airport, initially lifting off vertically using four horizontal electric propellers. Once at the desired altitude, the rear propeller engaged, allowing the wing to take over for a brief cruise.

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Upon completion of the cruise, the propellers resumed operation, and the aircraft descended toward the airstrip, coming to a gentle mid-air stop before landing vertically. This transition is a crucial advancement for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, with Beta’s test being the pioneering example.

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