Bosch Autonomous Electric e-Shuttle

Bosch autonomous electric e-shuttle with minimalist design and futuristic outer shell.

A light, airy, made of display screens and glass, and a spacious interior – that is how architects might describe a novel structure, but in actuality the description also fits a completely new class of vehicle and a new kind of mobility: driverless electric shuttles that glide almost silently through city centers and are seamlessly connected with their environment.

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These will soon be a common sight on our city streets – whether they are transporting goods or people. Bosch provides components and systems for automating, connecting, and electrifying the shuttles, but shuttle mobility won’t be possible without mobility services.

Bosch Autonomous Electric e-Shuttle (2)

In the future, the company will offer these services too, bundling them into a smart, seamlessly connected ecosystem. That will include booking, sharing, and networking platforms, parking and charging services, and software solutions for managing and maintaining the vehicles, as well as infotainment during the journey. “Bosch is developing a unique package of hardware, software, and mobility.

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