Brain simulation breakthrough

An international team by 82 scientists, have completed the first step towards the digital reconstruction and simulation of the brain.

The scientists led by EPFL, just made a first draft computer reconstruction of a piece of the neocortex.

The electrical behavior of the virtual brain tissue was simulated on supercomputers and found to match the behavior observed in a number of experiments on the brain.

The Blue Brain Project, the simulation core of the Human Brain Project, released a draft digital reconstruction of the neocortical microcircuitry of the rat brain: A detailed computer representation of about a third of a cubic millimetre of brain tissue containing about 30,000 neurons connected by nearly 40 million synapses.

Video abstract for the reconstruction and simulation of neocortical microcircuitry publication:



Additionally, we find a spectrum of network states with a sharp transition from synchronous to asynchronous activity, modulated by physiological mechanisms. The spectrum of network states, dynamically reconfigured around this transition, supports diverse information processing strategies.

source EPFL