Hyperloop $100 Million Test Track

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. announces that will build a $100 Million Test Track, the first step toward Hyperloop goal.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has signed an agreement to build a five mile Hyperloop line that will cost $100 Million in Quay Valley, halfway between San Francisco and LA.

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The project will give the company the chance to see whether or not the new technology actually works.

Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of the JumpStartFund, which created Hyperloop Transportation Technologies last year, said:

“This is a phased process. We’ve done feasibility studies and now we will be able test all aspects of the Hyperloop.

It’s not a test track. Getting up to the 800 mph mark requires about 100 miles of track. Speed is not really what we want to test here.”

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Hyperloop in U.S


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