Thought-controlled drones

Scientist with an electroencephalography (EEG) cap, pilots a drone using just his thoughts.

This technology by Portuguese firm Tekever, that converted the ‘pilots’ brainwaves into drone commands, could one day be used on commercial aircraft.

The system was tested using flight simulators for both manned aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Tekever Chief Operating Officer, Ricardo Mendes, said:

“The project has successfully demonstrated that the use of the brain computer interface (BMI) on a simulator for the Diamond DA42 aircraft, where one pilot controlled the simulator through the BRAINLFIGHT system.

We’ve also integrated the BMI the UAV ground systems and have successfully tested it in UAV simulators. We’re now taking it one step further, and performing live flight tests with the UAV.

Thought-controlled drones

This is an amazing high-risk and high-payoff project, with long-term impact that has already provided excellent results and will require further technology maturation. We truly believe that Brainflight represents the beginning of a tremendous step change in the aviation field, empowering pilots and de-risking missions, and we’re looking forward to deliver these benefits to the market with highly innovative products.”


source tekevernews