Built-in Air Conditioning on Human Clothes 1

Clothes with built-in ‘air conditioning,’ help you control your temperature using an app.

Scientists at VTT Technical Research Centre have developed a flexible plastic film containing microchannels, to create ‘personalised air conditioning.’
Depending on climate conditions, cooling or warming liquid can be pumped through special made channels for clothing, controlled by an app.

VTT’s Key Account Manager for Wearable Technology and Printed Diagnostics, Ralph Liedert, said at Sciencedaily:

“Minuscule microfluidic channels can be compared to the cardiovascular system, for example. This gave us the idea for other applications of our new method in addition to diagnostics, such as heating or cooling channels for clothing, or the storage and transport of substances that are only needed in small volumes (perfumes and fragrances) or that are very expensive (medicine).”

Image credit VTT

source VTT