California Hyperloop Test Track

California Hyperloop 5-mile test track construction starts and will carry passengers as soon as 2018.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies $100 million test track, the first of its kind, will start construction in Quay Valley, a real-estate development in California.

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The five-mile test track designed for pods that “can transport” passengers at speeds of up to 760 miles per hour.

he futuristic project supported by Elon Musk, needs to be engineered to withstand earthquakes, can cost up to $6 billion.

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Hyperloop’s chief operating officer Bibop Gabriele Gresta told Dezeen:

“We’re able to do something that is not subsidised by the state. This is super important because 100 per cent of high-speed rail in the planet is subsidised by the state.

There are other countries that are in a more advanced discussion phase and they have the political will, the lack of infrastructure, a high density of population, and less regulatory problems to make it happen.

It will consume less electricity than we produce. We can resell electricity. In this model it will allow us to recoup the entire investment in six to eight years depending on where you build it.”

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