The Carbon Footprint of the Digital Age

When we think of things that are affecting our atmosphere, we tend to think of car fumes or factories etc. But did you know that sending a tweet or an email, is also causing damage to the planet?

  • Spam email releases the same amount of CO2e as 100,000 railcars worth of coal burnt.
  • Google searches release around 2.4Billion grams of C02 every year.

In this infographic we’ll show just how much damage is being done by the digital world by breaking down the amount of CO2 that is produced every time we tweet, email, watch TV, download music and even when we purchase something online. For example, the amount of C02 released by people watching football’s European Championships is the equivalent of 13 trucks of gasoline and searches for the term “Star Wars” equate to the same amount of C02 as burning 50 barrels of oil.

The Carbon Footprint of the Digital Age- infographic

source fuelfighter