CERN to build €21-billion Supercollider

CERN approves plans to build €21-billion 62-mile (100-kilometre) long FCC Future Circular Collider.

CERN, the European particle-physics lab will pursue a 100-kilometre machine to uncover the Higgs boson’s secrets.

A short film about the Future Circular Collider (FCC) study for a post-LHC large-scale research facility in particle physics. The film highlights the importance of continue exploring the fundamental questions about the universe and shows the importance of collaboration to tackle the technological challenges of this project.

The project is co-funded by EuroCirCol, an EU Horizon 2020 programme.

“This is a major step, to get the countries of Europe to say ‘Yes, this is what we would like to happen’,” says Llewellyn Smith, who is a physicist at the University of Oxford, UK.

More at a CERN’s new development strategy paper.