Chicago SkyLine

The Chicago Skyline is an aerial cable car tourist attraction concept, showcasing an aerial vista of Chicago and its rich architectural heritage.

Designed in collaboration by Davis Brody Bond and Marks Barfield Architects, the Chicago Skyline, if granted permission to proceed, will link Navy Pier, the Chicago Lakefront, and the Riverwalk with downtown Chicago.

Images credit Davis Brody Bond

Chicago SkyLine

With stations just a short stroll from Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue, this linkage encourages visitors to explore the city without the use of cars, reducing the carbon footprint. The ability to move tourists to and from Navy Pier will not only help ensure the Pier’s position as the top tourist destination, but will also energize the city’s Riverwalk and other public spaces in a way that is both practical and inspirational.

Chicago SkyLine

The system is designed to carry up to 3,000 people per hour at 800 feet/minute (4 m/sec), in each direction along the Chicago River. The Chicago Skyline will enable its passengers to inhabit this wonderful city and its breath-taking scales from a privileged position- a position the attraction shares with the Skyscraper, which maintains an enviable relationship to the sky.

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source Davis Brody Bond