Chilli Island

Chilli Island its a small boat and a lounge at the same time, for perfect relaxation, powered by an electric motor.   Take a look at the video…

Chilli Island features two ergonomically designed reclining areas allowing the user to slide directly into water. Soft covers, from a quickly drying material, maximize the comfort for the user.

Chilli Island (3)

An integrated sound system, controlled through the board-computer, takes care of the perfect sound experience on the water. Two speakers offer dynamic sound. Through the integrated bluetooth interface the music is played directly from the smartphone or tablet

Chilli Island (2)


length: 2,50 meters
width: 2,25 meters
draught with engine: 0,40 meters
draught without engine: 0,15 meters
weight: 200 kg
passengers: 2
material: polyethylene (corbus), GfK (chassis)
CE-certification: D (protected water)
motorisation: electric motor 0,5 kW or 1,0 kW
batteries: AMG
loader: internal through a plug
external with charging station

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