Cycleboard Electric Scooter

This Cycleboard 20-mph portable electric scooter, is the perfect one for riders of all ages.

Cycleboard electric scooter features intuitive lean-to-steer system and stable design.

Cycleboard Electric Scooter (4)

Built from the ground up to provide the best ride experience imaginable. Intuitive steering, self-centering suspension and advanced speed controls let you cruise, commute or carve with ease.

Cycleboard Electric Scooter (3)

Changing directions is as simple as leaning. CycleBoard´s 45° lean-to-steer design combines steering and balance into one action making riding natural and intuitive from the first time you step on board.

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Battery Range: Up to 25 miles
Top Speed: Up to 20 MPH
Max Lean Angle: 45°
Hill Grade: 20%
48V 450W Silent Electric Hub Motor
Custom Deck Options
Integrated Security Lock Option
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame
Trigger Finger Throttle
Backlit LCD Throttle Display

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