Dome-like podsSwiss born Sofia de Meyer had the brillliant idea of creating Whitepod, a unique hotel concept than links man and nature in a very eco-friendly way, without sacrificing comfort and design.

Dome-like pods 2

Set among the majestic Swiss Alps with stunning views of Lake Geneva, the 15 dome-like pods are designed to blend in with their surroundings, not only visually but also by having a low impact on the environment.

Dome-like pods 3

In order to comply with their green mission, the resort limits consumption of energy and water by using wood heating and water from a local source. They also promote the use of renewable resources and educate their guests on the preservation of the environment. Their approach to eco-tourism has won them the Responsible Tourism Award for Innovation.

Dome-like pods l

Dome-like pods b2

Dome-like pods b3

Dome-like pods b4

Dome-like pods dDome-like pods b

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