EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car

EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car for cities, can drive sideways to make itself shorter.   Watch the video…

Images credit DFKI

EOssc2 smart connecting car, created by a team from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, is a conceptual micro vehicle ideal for a limited parking space.

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It’s powered by a 54-volt lithium-iron phosphate battery pack, which drives four 4-kW wheel-hub motors.

Equipped with four wheel-hub engines, the vehicle will be able to turn its wheels by 90 degrees and so turn on the spot, drive diagonally or sideways.

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Multiple vehicles will be able to form a road train. Through a new docking interface they will be connected mechanically and electrically. Sharing electric power between vehicles as well as a reduced wind resistance will increase the range of each individual vehicle.

A number of modules such as passenger-, transport- or range-extension modules, will make the use of the vehicle very flexible. The new docking interface will ensure an easy and comfortable interaction of the modules.

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source DFKI