The most expensive Science Book sold to date 1

Isaac Newton‘s 1687 masterpiece, Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica, sold over $3.7 million at an auction.

1687’s Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica by Sir Isaac Newton, sold $3.719.500 at Christie’s. It’s the book where Newton sets out his laws of motion, including gravity.

“Perhaps the greatest intellectual stride that it has ever been granted to any man to make.” (Einstein)

Above, Principia Mathematica, with Newton’s notes opposite, held at Cambridge University.   Credit Cambridge University Library

First edition, Continental issue (three-line imprint), bound in full inlaid morocco for presentation by the publisher/bookseller Samuel Smith. One of the most important works in the history of science.

“And I may be bold to say, that if ever Book was worthy the favourable acceptance of a Prince” Edmond Halley, letter to the King, July 1687.

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source Christie’s