Extremely thin Flexible e-skin display

Extremely thin flexible e-skin display, measures the oxygen concentration of blood when laminated on a finger.

Developed at the University of Tokyo, the ultra-flexible organic photonic e-skin, is just three micrometers thick, can track blood oxygen levels.

Images credit The University of Tokyo, Someya Group Organic Transistor Lab

On-skin seven-segment digital displays and color indicators can visualize data directly on the body.

Extremely thin Flexible e-skin display

We demonstrate ultraflexible and conformable three-color, highly efficient polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs) and organic photodetectors (OPDs) to realize optoelectronic skins (oe-skins) that introduce multiple electronic functionalities such as sensing and displays on the surface of human skin. The total thickness of the devices, including the substrate and encapsulation layer, is only 3 μm, which is one order of magnitude thinner than the epidermal layer of human skin.

Published in the journal Science Advances.

source University of Tokyo