FireStar Fusion DriveRocketStar

FireStar Fusion Drive revolutionizes space propulsion and is a big leap into the future of space travel.

RocketStar completely transforms spacecraft engines with the latest breakthrough in space travel: the FireStar Fusion Drive.

It’s the first-ever fusion-powered electric propulsion system, revolutionizing how we move through space.

The FireStar Fusion Drive takes our existing water-fueled pulsed plasma thruster and supercharges it with aneutronic nuclear fusion.

By adding boron into the mix, the engine creates a fusion reaction when high-speed protons from ionized water vapor collide with boron nuclei. This reaction gives a massive boost to the thruster’s power. Think of it like adding an afterburner to a jet engine. The boron turns into high-energy carbon, and decays into three alpha particles, resulting in a whopping 50% increase in thrust compared to our previous thruster.

source RocketStar