1965 astronaut Ed White was the first American to walk in Space

50 years ago the first American astronaut walked in Space, and he was so amazed that he didn’t want to stop.   Watch the videos…

Top image: Bruce McCandless II in an untethered space walk during 1984’s Space Shuttle mission.   Image NASA/wikimedia

Above:  Ed White in 1965, enjoying the first American spacewalk.   Image NASA/wikimedia


On June 3rd, 1965 astronaut Ed White was the first American to walk in Space. He did the historic spacewalk, extravehicular activity (EVA), tethered by Gemini IV spacecraft.

He said: “I feel like a million dollars. This is the greatest experience; it’s just tremendous.”

During his space flight from Hawaii to the Gulf of Mexico, he faced only one little problem. He didn’t want to come in again!

This NASA celebrating 50 years of extravehicular activity (EVA) or spacewalks that began with the first two EVAs conducted by Russian Alexey Leonov in March 1965 and American astronaut Edward White in June 1965. “Suit Up,” is narrated by actor and fan of space exploration Jon Cryer. Cryer recently traveled to Star City, NASA Headquarters and the Johnson Space Center to film an upcoming Travel Channel documentary series.

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source NASA