First ever Warp Bubble has finally been Created

NASA scientists accidentally discover the world’s first Warp Bubble!

There are so many places and things to explore in the universe! From distant exoplanets to faraway galaxies that might host intelligent life, to massive black holes, to bright stars. However, there is a problem with space exploration; distance!

Everywhere you want to go in deep space is far! For example, Elon Musk wants to put humans on Mars permanently while NASA wants to send astronauts there.

However, any traveler going to Mars has to endure a grueling trip through harsh space that lasts not less than five months, even with the most powerful rocket in history! If only we could find a faster way to travel through space! Also, the next star to us is about 4.5 light-years away, making it impossible to visit with the current space technologies!

However, an accidental discovery promises to fix that problem by enabling faster than the speed of light travel! What is the discovery, how does it affect space travel, and how does it affect you personally?