Paris Navigating Gym project

A floating fitness vessel that moves along the Seine River by harnessing energy from passengers’ workouts.

The Paris Navigating Gym project developed in collaboration with Technogym, the non-profit architecture group Terreform ONE and the urban regeneration institute URBEM.

The 20-meter long concept is a human-powered Gym Boat that cruises along the Seine River by using energy sourced from passengers’ workouts.

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It can host up to 45 people. The fitness area features Technogym’s ARTIS machines – a special typology of sports equipment that harnesses human energy and makes it available to further uses.

By doing exercise on the ARTIS bikes and cross trainers, guests can seamlessly contribute to powering the boat, which in turn will sail along the Seine on its route through the city, providing access to anybody who wants it. The Paris Navigating Gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power, at the same time producing a new urban experience and envisioning ways to further integrate the river in the city’s mobility infrastructure.

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